Sunday, 27 February 2011

"Another one's been born in Seattle..."

In the 1974 film, It's Alive by Larry Cohen, the movie ends with somebody answering a phone and hearing the words, "Another one's been born in Seattle..." The last scene, if I recall correctly, is of the phone swinging by its cord as it dawns on whoever answered it that the mutant creatures, which I think were breeding in the sewers and had been eradicated – hadn't been.

Anyway, now it looks as if they've made their way over to England and the quaint village of Godstone.

Left to right: Me, me, me and (ahem) me again! 
Actually, the truth is that Andy, a whizz at photoshop, knocked this up this morning. What a great pic, Andy. Thanks for that.

And then, a few hours later, I checked on my emails. I'd received another message from Andy – with another attachment. And here it is!

Left to right: Andy, Andy and (ahem) Andy again! Great work!

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