Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Day 2013 – to Botley Hill!

The Botley Hill Farmhouse, 1055hrs on New Year's Day 2013

Took a late morning ride to Botley Hill on what was a fantastic day. Blue skies and sunshine to kick off the new year, although it must have rained heavily overnight as there were some big puddles en route.

Large puddles on the roadside like this one were commonplace
There were a few cyclists out on the road but not that many cars, which was good, and there were some familiar faces too, like the female runner accompanied by her male cyclist who I'm guessing has two roles to play: her guardian on the lonely country roads and possibly her motivator and pacemaker. As always when I see them, I see them twice – once on the outward bound ride and then again on the return trip. This time, on the outward journey, the male cyclist was taking a highly visible leak in the woods by the roadside. I met them again when I stopped at the Botley to take these photographs.

Yours truly at the Botley Hill Farmhouse.

NoVisibleLycra wishes all readers a Happy New Year!