Saturday, 12 March 2011

To the Tatsfield bus stop on my own

Up and out relatively early, but no sign of Andy. This was odd, I thought, as I arrived at Warlingham Green, until I checked my iphone – Andy can't make it, leaving me on the Green thinking, 'well, at least I'm out in the open air'. I called Jon but he had a cold so I resolved to cycle initially to Botley Hill and then straight back, but ended up heading for the Tatsfield bus stop where I stopped and enjoyed a couple of mugs of tea.

The Tatsfield bus stop, March 12th 2011.

The weather was fine (it still is); blue skies and not cold at all – and no sign of rain whatsoever, so a pleasant ride. I chilled out for a bit at the bus stop and then headed for home along the B269, the usual route, and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Andy's going tomorrow so hopefully the weather will hold.

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