Sunday, 1 September 2013

No cycling for Matt...and not much sleep either!

Saturday was out of the question as I had things to do, places to go; but Sunday, well, it was all game-on; Andy had sent a text saying 7am or 7.30am, I replied saying the former and it was all set. A ride to Westerham was on the cards and, well, it never happened. Not for me at any rate. Andy got out and I haven't heard from Phil, but I'm assuming he did too – it was just me who left the bike in the garage.
Beats a speed camera. Photo: Andy Smith.

Excuses? Well, yeah, there is an excuse. I couldn't sleep. I went to bed and lay there. I couldn't even work out the area of the ceiling by counting the ceiling tiles, because there aren't any, except in the downstairs bathroom. So, eventually, I think it was gone 3am, but to be honest, it could have been any time, I got up, texted Andy and Phil and then loitered around. The fridge seemed to be making a lot of noise, but it was the dead of night. I remember it being something like 4am when I eventually climbed back into bed and fell asleep, waking just before 9am.

Missing a ride is not pleasant. I feel restless and fretful and start making unrealistic promises to myself, like I'll cycle to the Green every morning before work and that way make up for the lost miles and this makes me feel even worse. The weekend just isn't right unless I've been for a ride.

Still, there's no point crying over spilt milk and there's always next week. I've just got to ensure I get a good night's sleep. I couldn't pin down any reason for my lack of sleep other than, perhaps, having things on my mind, but yeah, it happens and I hope it won't happen next week.

Andy sent me an email. He'd been down to Westerham – see pix accompanying this post.

Westerham Green, Sunday 1st September 2013. Photo: Andy Smith.