Friday, 1 February 2013

Missing keys...and then a puncture

Padlock unlocked, I'm ready to rock!
Saturday 2nd February 2013: As I write this, it's only 0717hrs and already the day is turning into a problem. First, I've got to leave for this morning's ride 30 minutes earlier than usual, which means no time at all to chill with a cup of tea and some toast. Alright, it's possible and I managed it, but then, at 0630hrs, as I was about to leave the house, no keys. Where the hell were they? Coat pocket? No. In the bedroom on the ironing board? No. On the console table? No. Kitchen? No. Where, then? In the office? I hope not, but they could be.

So, it was time to put the emergency procedure in place. Fortunately, I keep a spare bike padlock key in a secret place in a matchbox – fortunately it was still in the secret place. Right, then it was a case of going out the kitchen door instead of the front door (only my key ring has the garage door key on it), opening the garage side door, bringing the bike out into the side alley, through the side gate and off I go!

No, I'm not ready to rock – front wheel puncture aborts the ride.
So, I'm in the garage, I unlock the bike using the emergency key and...hold on, is that a front wheel puncture I see before me? It is! There's no alternative other than to abort the ride. 'Game over. Puncture.' I text Andy and that's it. Here I am, still wearing the cycling gear (nothing Lycra, just the hoodie and tracksuit bottoms). "I'm not happy, Bob. NOT happy!" as the little guy in The Incredibles says.

Today I'll be out there with the bike on its back, fixing the puncture and then tomorrow, I'll ride out. The plan is to try an alternative route to Redhill. Should be exciting.