Sunday, 27 February 2011

Godstone Green – it's been a while!

After yesterday's soaking, it was good to peer out of the window this morning (Sunday 27 February) to find the roads dry and the skies clear. What a great day! Actually, at around 2pm this afternoon it bucketed down, but all morning it was fantastic, making our cycle superb.

Godstone Green, Sunday 27 February 2011 and a very pleasant morning.

We decided to head out to Godstone Green and set off towards Ganger's Hill for the first time in ages. It was a good ride, even if my rear brake was still non-existent and it was impossible to change down to the small crank at the front (an even bigger problem on the return trip as we climbed out of Godstone).

We sat on the Green drinking tea and munching our cereal bars, chatting about motorcycles and, of course, our pal David who has just upgraded his Harley Sportster and bought something much bigger and very (ahem) yellow. A bit (ahem) Dale Winton. A touch Graham Norton, a tad Oscar Wilde, if you get my drift, and, of course, a bit ostentatious to boot. I understand that David has a bright yellow helmet too.

Anyway, we chatted about the Hell's Angels, we talked about Moto Guzzi transverse Vs, we watched the ducks in the pond and then, after messing around with a bit of photography, we headed home and I decided the right answer to the question, often asked in interviews was 'doughnuts'. The question? "What do you consider to be your main weaknesses?" Answer: doughnuts. It made me laugh, put it that way.

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