Sunday, 15 April 2012

A new fridge, two rides and a trip to Euphorbia...

It's a bit like this one...
What an exciting life! We've got a new fridge! Alright, it's not a racing set, but it's still great having a new fridge, a Bosch, just like our old one, but better, except that it's in the middle of the kitchen floor. Why? Because of the ridiculous configuration of our kitchen: the plug for the fridge is under the countering near the sink but it's impossible to get the plug round the back of the counters and into the socket. I've tried everything: inserting a length of hose through one of cupboards with the aim of taping the fridge plug (which is connected to the fridge) on to the hose and then pulling the hose back, along with the plug, so I can simply plug it in. But no, not a chance. The plug is too big and there's a big risk of it getting stuck behind the counters. Solution? We've got to call an electrician and ask him to fit a new socket in a more convenient place. The only other solution? Dismantle the counter – which is not an option – or start drilling holes, which is not an option either. So the fridge is in the middle of the kitchen floor, blocking entry or exit from the external kitchen door, but at least we've got a fridge. All week we've been without one, which is really annoying when you have a few beers to drink and can't chill them down.

On the cycling front, it's been short but sweet. At least we managed both Saturday and Sunday with trips to the Tatsfield Churchyard and then the Tatsfield Bus Stop. I had to get back early on Saturday to drive down to Perch Hill and Sarah Raven's garden. Had a slice of ginger cake, very tasty, and discovered something called a Euphorbia. It's a plant, but it sounds like a place, like suburbia. 'We're going to spend a few days in Euphorbia.' Sounds a bit aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! A bit Happy Mondays if you know what I mean. Anyway, the best Euphorbia is John Tomlinson and I want one for our garden. So, in other words, I was inspired. Going to Perch Hill was a great idea, although it was just a little too far: a long way down the A22.

Now it's late and everyone else is in bed. I've just picked Max up from Crystal Palace and I'm about to hit the sack myself. Sat and watched Marley & Me and now I want a dog. Better go to bed, got work tomorrow.

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