Saturday, 5 March 2011

To Westerham

It was freezing cold going down the hill into Westerham yesterday (March 5th) and both Andy and I were glad to reach the bench in the high street (opposite an underwear store) to drink our tea. We hadn't been to Westerham for a while and our original resting place near the convenience store was decorated with fast food boxes and spit so we moved further into the town centre – not that there's much of a town centre in Westerham, it's one of those places with just a high street and a road running through the middle of it.

Dirty bike and a dirty mind. Needless to say we
both felt a bit awkward about our chosen rest spot.
Winston Churchill lived in Westerham, at Chartwell, and there's a statue of the great man on the green opposite and excellent tearoom. Anyway, we must have reached there just before 0830. We left at 0900 hours and I reached home at around 1020.

Halfway up Clarks Lane on the return trip from Westerham.

I still have non-existent rear brakes and a faulty gear system and the bike needs a good clean.

The road ahead: looking up Clarks Lane towards Botley Hill.

What's happening in the news? Well, Libya is still in crisis and moving towards civil war, if it hasn't reached that stage already, and here in the UK we're all waiting for the budget of chancellor George Osborne.

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