Sunday, 27 September 2009

My Kona Scrap dirtjumper – a great bike!

Pictures show my brother Jon on his Kona Fire Mountain and my Kona Scrap. Both shots taken on Woodmansterne Green, one of our weekend destinations.
This is my current bike, a Canadian Kona Scrap. Okay, it's a dirtjumper, which means it's not ideal for riding on the road, but I'll admit now that I'm a big kid and I bought the bike because I liked the look of it, no other reason. Alright, I convinced myself that the upright riding position would be good for my back, but who am I kidding? Those tyres are huge, the gearing is lower, there are only 16 gears (unlike most bikes these days, which tend to have 27 gears) but there's no escaping it – the Kona Scrap is a bloody good bike.

In fact, I'm a pretty good salesman. I've managed to convince both Andy and my brother Jon to buy Kona. Andy has a Kona Blast and Jon has a Fire Mountain.

Would you like to buy a Kona? Click here.

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