Sunday, 27 September 2009

Fresh air, lovely views and it keeps you fit!

This photograph was taken on the A2024 after climbing out of Westerham en route to Botley Hill and home. The view is looking out towards Oxted in Surrey. You probably can't see it, but down below is Pilgrim's Lane, an excellent road that runs from the bottom of Titsey Hill all the way over to Sundridge in Kent, a route we take when we're going to Chevening Church, the lake at Chipstead in Kent or Dunton Green.

What is amazing about the Pilgrim's Lane is that, even though you're only a short distance from Croydon, and the M25 is a stone's throw away, you get the feeling that you are in the middle of nowhere. It's a great road for cycling along too, especially in the summer time.

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