Monday, 25 May 2015

A later start meant another ride to the Tatsfield Churchyard

Well, we'd probably have gone there anyway having riden to Westerham on Sunday morning, but the slightly later start – only 15 minutes later than usual – made riding there seem acceptable and besides we both had stuff to do.
Andy and Matt, Tatsfield Churchyard, Monday 25 May
The ride was pleasant and so was the weather although it was slightly colder than Saturday and Sunday – about four degrees colder. But there were still blue skies and cotton wool clouds.

As you can see from the photograph above, I'm wearing 'shades'. They're proper cycling glasses (a bit Lycra Monkey, yes) but they have a purpose. On Sunday my eyes were itchy (it's a summer, hay fever thing) so I figured that wearing the glasses would, in effect, keep my eyes from direct contact with the air and it worked. In fact I wore them later to mow the lawn and I managed to stay itch-free all day.

It's been a good weekend of cycling and roughly 55 miles were covered – good work!

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