Sunday, 6 October 2013

Tatsfield Bus Stop – the long way

Andy aborted due to illness, leaving Phil and I to ride out at the slightly later time of 0700hrs (normally it's 0630hrs, but soon, due to the winter, we'll be switching to meeting Andy at 0730hrs at Warlingham Green).

A wonderful day for riding and we decided to go the long way to the bus stop so we could chat without worrying about riding two abreast. It was a good ride, fairly warm and while we didn't have any cereal bars or bacon sandwiches, we had tea and that was good enough.

We probably chatted too much as we finally left the bus stop around 0930hrs, getting home just after 1000hrs.
Horses in the mist.

Took some great images, well one good image, and here it is, courtesy of yours truly.

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