Sunday, 29 September 2013

Andy finds a secretive government building...

Or does he? In fact, Andy, out on his own, re-traces an old pre-blog destination that we haven't riden to in a long, long time. This strange looking piece of concrete can be seen en route to Botley Hill, over to the right of the 269. We rode there once and there's nothing there at all, except for this strange lump of concrete. A good memory, though, and a nice photograph.

The truth is out there, somewhere near Botley Hill
There is a steep, off-road hill ascending from Slines Oak Road to the 'secret government building'. It's mentioned in past posts as both Andy and I have riden down it and experienced what can only be described as bone-shaking, not forgetting the bikes shaking too. Well, Andy rode up the hill, but admits he had to dismount near the top. Either way a good effort.

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