Saturday, 10 August 2013

That moment before it hits you – you've got to ride back home

One of the great things about cycling is the exercise it inevitably provides and the fact that there's no getting out of it. Alright, you might find you can jump on a train, even though we all know that's cheating, but, by and large, you ride out somewhere and as sure as eggs are eggs, you've got to cycle back again too.
Pints over, it's time to head back home.

That feeling, after a pint or two, can be pretty daunting and I'm guessing that Andy and Richard must have been feeling a little daunted by the prospect of cycling back from Sevenoaks in Kent to their ultimate base in Caterham, Surrey. Okay, it's not a problem, but when beer's involved and the weather is good, the temptation is to remain in the pub, soak up a few rays, have another couple of pints, get a cab to the nearest railway station and get home that way.

Either way, Andy and Richard had good weather and now as Saturday comes to a close – it's 2121 hours and already it's dark outside (amazing how the summer disappears so quickly once the summer solstice has passed) – thoughts turn to Sunday. Rain has been threatened, but if all is fine in the morning I'll be heading for Warlingham Green to meet Andy and head off for Tatsfield Churchyard.

Photography by Andy Smith.

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