Saturday, 10 August 2013

Beer and a bike...

Beer and a bike. Pic by Andy Smith
...but sadly, I'm not there, just Andy and Richard. It's been over two years since we last ventured out on the bikes in search of a beer or two (the last time being April 2011 a month before my father passed away). While I was definitely up for it – the original plan was to head for the lakes and have a beer or two in the Bricklayers, like before – general fatigue took over. Ever since returning from the USA last Sunday morning, I've felt a bit sleepy. In fact, I nearly fell asleep en route to Redhill last week, but awoke just in time to gather my stuff together and get off the train.

So, it's Saturday and cycling didn't appeal. I was awake at 5am wondering whether I could seriously make it and decided that no, I couldn't. So I sent Andy a text and we decided we'd set off for the Tatsfield Churchyard tomorrow (I can handle that).

The above shot was taken by Andy in the garden of the White Hart pub in Sevenoaks. I'd love to be there as it's a nice day, just right for a beer.

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