Saturday, 12 January 2013

Rain stops play

It's not cold out there but it's wet so there won't be any cycling today. Andy's not going anyway as the bike is still in the repair shop. I think he gets it back today, but as I sit here in my conservatory I can hear the rain and see the droplets on the window, so a ride is out of the question. There is a rumour of snow on the way, I think on Monday, so hopefully there will be a ride tomorrow. I had planned on another urban ride to mum's to have breakfast, but that's now off the agenda and besides there are things to do today so it's just as well we're not going out.

And here's where I get my brake fixed. C&N Cycles, 32 Station Rd, Redhill.
My bike still has a non-existent rear brake and I really must sort it out, but taking it into the repair shop round here will mean no ride for me next weekend as I'll have to pick up the bike (a bit like Andy's current scenario). The ideal situation is to ride it to Redhill, put it into C&N Cycles and then ride it home again, but I need the motivation to do that as it means a lot of hassle. In fact, let's go through the hassles of riding to work:-

1. I'd have to press up a shirt and fold it up neatly so it can fit in my rucksack.
2. I'd have to take shower gel and a towel for showering on arrival.
3. The office shower, I'm told, is not working, meaning I'll have to go to the local leisure centre so I'll also need to take swimming trunks as I think the showers there are communal.
4. I'd have to take my bulky U-lock to lock up the bike outside of the leisure centre AND I'd have to remove the saddle to prevent it being nicked.
5. After showering I'd have to cycle back to the office.
6. Oh, I'd also have to take a pair of trousers in my rucksack to put on in the leisure centre.

What a hassle! Although I know one thing: I'd feel great. One day I'll do it and hopefully soon.

Actually, I think NoVisibleLycra should do another Redhill run as I've found a new route AND, virtually next door to C&N there's a new caff!

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