Sunday, 6 January 2013

Botley in the fog

There's a certain irony to the fact that on Friday night I stayed up late watching John Carpenter's The Fog – and ended up not going cycling on Saturday morning – but was out on the bike Sunday IN THE FOG!

I didn't leave the house until almost 9am, meaning I returned close to 11am and had originally set out just to reach Warlingham Green, but once out in the air I was motivated to head for Botley Hill.

Botley Hill Farm in the fog, Sunday January 6th 2013
What was mildly annoying was the fact that my rear light had packed up, although I was unaware of this as I pedalled along the 269 hoping that the cars behind could see me – obviously they couldn't! It wasn't until I turned right into The Ridge that I noticed it and decided to head back to Botley Hill and then home along the 269 off-road.  I had been planning a round trip that would have taken me past the Golf Club, into Woldingham village and then up the rather punishing Slines Oak Road. Taking the off-road track that runs alongside the 269 is a risky business. It normally means I get a puncture, but fortunately I didn't get one. I say that now, but for all I know my tyre is flat as I write this at 1736hrs and I won't find out until next Saturday when I set out for the Green to meet Andy. Perhaps I'll check mid-week.

There was thick fog all the way to Botley and back and what amazed me was the motorists without their lights on. They must have thought: it's gone 9am, the streetlights ain't on, therefore why should mine be on? The answer is simple: because visibility is virtually nil! I was about to cross the 269 to reach the off-road path on the other side for my return trip and I'll be honest, I couldn't see ANY traffic coming my way, but hey! Just in the nick of time I saw a car coming towards me – no lights on – and had to put a spurt on to reach the other side without being hit.

With fog comes dampness and when I reached home I had to change before breakfast – which today consisted of fried mushrooms, onion and tomato on toast washed down with some jasmine tea, no milk! Lovely stuff!

Nothing but fog and sheep and no rear light so I headed back to Botley
I wish I'd gone out earlier, but I'm still feeling very lazy and subdued after Christmas. I had trouble getting through from Wednesday to Friday last week and while I had a late one on Friday (watching The Fog) I still managed to get nine hours sleep.

Andy's been out of action because his bike has been in the repair shop, but he will be back next week and I'm sure we'll be meeting on Warlingham Green at our usual time on Saturday morning.

The Christmas decorations came down today – and I've seen many abandoned Christmas trees lining various pavements – and for the first time ever, I decided to plant our tree in the garden. I'll keep you informed of its progress, but I'm hoping it will do well. Mind you, I discovered today that stinging nettles still sting even where they're virtually non-existent. Enough already!

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