Saturday, 24 November 2012

Heavy winds...

Winds like those howling outside at the moment were expected on Friday, which was worrying for yours truly as I was flying into Gatwick from Qatar. Fortunately, it was a clear evening. As always, however, the weathermen often get it a day or two out and now, as I type this at 0618hrs, the wind chime is playing a vigorous tune and the trees are swaying to and fro. But is it raining? At the moment it's too dark to say, but having not riden out yesterday – through tiredness, not jet lag – there's a need to go out today, especially when you consider that all week I've been sitting down, either on a plane or in a conference hall.

This, if you like, is brief note. Hopefully, I'll be reporting back later having gone out, although I'm guessing today will be a short one to somewhere covered like the Tatsfield Bus Stop.

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