Sunday, 25 November 2012

Gusty in places...

Trying to take original photography at the Tatsfield Bus Stop is getting harder
Those winds remained, but there was no rain, although it had clearly rained a lot during the night. I headed off around 7am and en route to the green nearly got knocked off the bike, the wind was that strong. I'm just glad I wasn't landing in the UK on an Emirates flight from Dubai as I'm sure it would have been bumpy.

At the green there was no sign of Andy, which was rare, but another bloke turned up on his Gary Fisher mountain bike and we chewed the fat as we both waited for our cycling pals to arrive. Andy arrived first, but prior to his arrival the other bloke and I chatted about cycling and various routes and I told him that we'd been doing this every weekend for the past six years and so on.

A field adjacent to the Tatsfield Bus Stop
Last night, or rather yesterday evening, Warlingham Green switched on it's Christmas lights and I really must get a shot of the tree because it's tiny! Still, unlike Tatsfield Village Green, at least the lights work! Last year, when Andy and I visited Tatsfield Village on Christmas Eve we were amazed to find a tree with the lights not working.

Andy turned up and we headed for the Tatsfield Bus Stop. It was a normal kind of ride. We had our tea and cereal bags, chewed the fat about this and that and headed home again.

The weather was good, if a little windy. The skies were clear blue, it wasn't too cold and a lot of the trees were bare – typical NVL weather, which we like.

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