Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Rain stops my swim...so I'm off to the mall

I had planned to take a dip in the Atlanta Marriott's outdoor pool, but it was raining this morning and has only just stopped. The rain, of course, has cooled things down a little, which is good, but I'm now checked out of the hotel and at a loose end until I fly off later on today. So, I'm sitting in the hotel reception area, considering a walk across to the Lenox Mall and then I might stroll down to Peachtree and 14th where there's a bar called Tap. I'm going to meet Sean for a quick beer. He's at work so it's a lunchtime drink, and then I'll probably hit the mall again before getting the Marta down to the airport.

Marriott Atlanta reception looking out on Lenox.
I know, I was told that the Marta attracts a lot of undesirable types and yes, it does, but it's fast and it takes me straight to the airport. The alternative is an expensive cab ride. I haven't actually checked how much the cab will cost, but I'm guessing around $50 or more so the Marta it is!

The rain's stopped, but it's a little cloudy out there, but still warm. There's something unappealing about swimming in the rain so I didn't bother. Shame as it would have rounded off the trip. I couldn't cycle here as there are no Bixi bike equivalents. Or rather there might be, but they'll be downtown and I'm in Buckhead.

The mall is appealing, though. Might get a coffee and a bun and do a spot of people watching. Or I could stroll down to Peachtree and 14th. Not sure, but either way, I'm now going to sign off. The photograph accompanying this post is of the hotel's reception area – or a bit of it.

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