Monday, 13 August 2012

On second thoughts...

... I might have been a little harsh on Atlanta. My pal and former work colleague Sean Seymour, by a strange coincidence, now lives over here so we agreed to meet up for dinner. He kindly paid, which was nice, and he brought along his fiance, who is American. She told me that the Marta was a bit wayward as far as the passengers are concerned – I'll be cabbing it back to the airport – but that generally Atlanta was fine, especially the district where my hotel was located, which is the business district of town.
Atlanta's business district at night.

We went out to Houston's, a steak restaurant down the road from the hotel. That's one big problem with being here: meat! I've eaten nothing but (and the same in Montreal) and today was no exception. I might meet Sean again tomorrow for lunch as I've got a day just hanging around waiting for a BA flight  that leaves around 2100hrs, arriving back in the UK at 1000hrs. I can't say I'm looking forward to it.

I've just come back from Phipps' Mall, a mall full of big names: Versace, Jimmy Choo, all the big brands. I bought a cheap pair of trunks purely because it's 100deg F and there's an outdoor pool upstairs somewhere. After that I'll probably meet Sean and then start thinking about making tracks to the airport.

Right now I'm in the hotel reception and it's nearly 9.25pm. In the UK it's nearly 2.25am in the morning – so I can't call anybody. I'm considering a beer before bedtime, but then again I'm thinking no, just go to bed, watch a bit of TV and take it easy, so that's what I'm going to do.

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