Saturday, 16 July 2011

No cycling this week

They've been promising rain, but it looks as if it's been and gone, which is a bit disappointing as my bike's in the shop being repaired. I think I'm going to start learning more about fixing it myself. For some reason, I've forgotten how. When I was 13, my pal Alan and I used to take bikes apart, right down to a bare frame. We used to strip back the frames and re-spray them, the lot, but now, I steer clear of anything bar fixing a puncture, when, looking at it, it's not that difficult.

I've got a Haynes manual called The Bike Book, but that makes it all look much more straightforward than it is, but either way, I'm getting fed up with parting with cash, not that I'm always down there getting it repaired. It hasn't been in for a while, but the gears have gone and the brakes too, so it needs sorting out.

Anyway, that's all folks. See you next week.

Postscript: Andy did go cycling. He completed a 13-miler and it rained. Good work, fella!


  1. I went cycling. It rained. Then stopped. 13 miles.

  2. well all I am trying to do is work out why certain blogs ( I think typepad) will not always let me comment. Like you I used to strip bikes right down, now I pay to have them serviced and they used to do a great job. not so much now....

  3. ah ha! if I un-tick "stay signed in to google account" I can post! Hooray!