Sunday, 22 April 2012

Westerham again – and a great weekend's cycling

The houses on Westerham Green. Andy took this and
yesterday's shot, by the way.
It really was a great weekend for cycling and the most amazing part of it was not getting a soaking. Both mornings, Saturday and Sunday, were wonderful: plenty of sunshine and blue skies. But oddly, both days were a bit schizoid. One minute sunny, the next rain. It's been like it all week to be fair, but on both days Andy and I avoided a soaking and now, as I write this at 2011hrs on Sunday evening, it's pouring down outside.

We headed out to Westerham again, meaning that this weekend we've cycled around 44 miles. We took the off-road track today and came into Westerham from the other side. Nobody was cutting the grass today so we sat on the green, behind the statue of Winston Churchill, watching countless Jaguar cars drive past on some kind of rally. There were E-types, XJSs, every single model under the sun, but Andy and I would say no to a Jag. We both prefer a Land Rover Defender. An odd choice, perhaps, but there you go.

Nothing more to say today and besides, I've got a bottle of Cooper's Sparkling Ale in the fridge so, to quote a Hawkwind lyric from the mid-70s, "I've got the serum and I'm going to take it!"

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  1. NIce! raining here too. I bought some very expensive Topeak lights for the bike and the batteries will not charge which is frustrating. So back to the shop to get them seen to. this is the second lot with this problem.

    Great light when working though!

    There was a Jag rally here yesterday as well.