Saturday, 21 April 2012

Rapeseed oil fields, large puddles and a trip to Westerham

It's rapeseed oil field time in the UK. A sign that summer is getting closer.
We managed to get down to Westerham yesterday (Saturday 21st April) and it was good. It had been raining in the night as there were huge lakes abutting the road side, which can be dangerous as we tend to avoid them by riding in the middle of the road, but what a great day: blue skies, sunshine and a vapour coming off the shrubs on the bank.

In Westerham the peace was spoilt by council grasscutters, one sitting on a mower, the other using an industrial-sized strimmer. Andy suggested we found somewhere else to sit, which I suggested was letting them win, but we moved as we couldn't hear one another talk. We moved to some benches opposite a commemorative fountain dedicated to Queen Victoria's Jubilee (not sure which one) but it seemed appropriate considering it was Queen Elizabeth ll's Diamond Jubilee celebrations this year.

On the ride home we took this shot, just off Beddlestead Lane, and then continued on our way. I spent the rest of the day working (and I'll do the same today, Sunday 22nd April).

Now it's time to meet Andy again and hit the road.

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