Monday, 30 January 2012

Botley and Godstone Green

We managed to get two cycles in this weekend, which makes a change. The norm so far this year has been one cycle, be it a Saturday or Sunday, or, indeed, none at all.

Ducks taking it easy on Godstone Green, January 29th 2012.
Saturday just about got off the ground. Andy sent a text saying he could only manage a fast one, to Botley and back non-stop. No need for tea and chat, just there and back. Job done. So I woke early, as usual, but this time got ready immediately, then made myself a cup of tea prior to leaving the house. I was early, for a change, which was good.

And yes, you've guessed it, it was dark outside and I still haven't sorted out lights for the bike and rode on the path towards the green, not the road.

We went to that small car park adjacent to the roundabout just beyond the Botley Hill Farmhouse pub and, as always, there were a couple of muddy puddles, but no rain. We chatted about the dangers of nationalism in the light of recent news stories concerning Scottish independence and then rode home.

On Sunday we went to Godstone Green, a destination we've avoided because we can't be bothered to tackle the huge and unrelenting hill on the return journey. In the past this has been because of my gears being faulty, but there's no excuse and besides, if we can get used to the hill, we can pay a visit to a new café that's opened in the farm shop on the A25. That'll be next week.

We figured the ducks don't like it when the pigeons show up for breakfast.
In Godstone Green we sat on one of the benches in front of the lake and enjoyed our tea and cereal bar before heading home and preparing ourselves for the hill. To be honest, while tough, it wasn't that bad, although I had to tackle Slines Oak Road, which is a bit of a pig. That conquered - and having already said goodbye to Andy in Woldingham - I cycled home along the Limpsfield Rd and home.

A good weekend of cycling and hopefully we'll be visiting Godstone Green a little more frequently. As I said to Andy on the ride, we've been having it fairly easy for a long time, cycling to 'safe' destinations like Tatsfield Village, Churchyard and bus stop, where there ain't many hills. We need to get back to a few more punishing routes and the hills coming out of Godstone are pretty hard-going.

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