Sunday, 22 January 2012

Who needs independence?

No, it's not Dubai, it's Glasgow's Science Centre, superby shot by Keith Hunter.
Why do the Scots want independence when they've got the best of both worlds? I've just arrived on Glasgow Central station and I drew out some money from the cash point. And guess what? It looks nothing like English money! It's like being in a foreign country! I knew this, of course, having been here many times in the past, but isn't that the best thing about foreign countries - the different currency? Unless you go to Europe, of course, where everybody uses the Euro. How boring! I much preferred the days of the Deutsche Mark, the Franc and the Italian Lira...and who knows, the way things are going we might be going back to the old currencies. The Scots already have their own money that looks different from the bank notes you get in England so what are they moaning about? They've got the best of both worlds without having to try too hard: their own bank notes AND governance from Westminster. It's like working for a big company, getting all the benefits AND being allowed to work from your own office building. I know I wouldn't be resigning to set up my own business!

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