Saturday, 26 February 2011


Not much to say about today other than it was wet so we decided to go to the Botley Hill roundabout and come straight back. My fault as I suggested late last night that we meet at 8am, which we did, but it was pretty dark out there and had already been raining. Then, as we got half way along the B269, what started as drizzle turned into miserable rain, but we persevered and went on towards the Botley Hill roundabout, me without mudguards or my waterproof cycling trousers – yes, my arse was wet again while Andy's was bone dry!

Andy reckons this photo sums up the day....

It was so miserable at the roundabout – where we'd stopped to have our tea and cereal bar – that we decided not to bother and cycled home instead. Andy turned left into The Ridge and I went back along the B269 and got absolutely soaked in the process – and so did Andy, judging by a text he's sent me. Not good, but I was home before 0930, which was good.

Matt thinks this shot sums up the day.

We're going again tomorrow and hopefully the weather will be better. It's still raining now.

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