Sunday, 8 August 2010

To Woodmansterne Green on Sunday, but no cycling on Saturday

Now, if I was dishonest (with myself) I'd blame the rain. Saturday morning at around 0645hrs was looking a bit rough: grey skies threatening rain, a damp, rain-sodden garden proving that it had already rained and so on. In other words, I'd have gotten away with simply saying 'it was raining and I decided not to go', but, truthfully, while the weather looked as if it was threatening rain, it never rained – well, not until later. Had I been motivated enough I'd have gone out. I could have made Botley Hill and back and avoided a soaking, but I decided just not to go and then, when eventually it did rain, I felt comfortable with my laziness.

Jon and Matt at Woodmansterne Green, Sunday 8th August 2010
I phoned Jon as Woodmansterne was on the agenda, but he looked out of his window and thought: it's definitely going to rain. He would have been right, it did rain, so even a trip to Woodmansterne Green was out of the equation.

But not going cycling isn't good and I felt kind of 'not right' for the rest of the day. Andy's out of action this weekend and Saturday of next weekend, so I do have the perfect opportunity just to laze around. Normally I resist the temptation to be lazy and get out on the bike, but not this Saturday. Still, there was always Sunday and Jon seemed to be back on the scene so I called him and we agreed to meet at Woodmansterne Green.

When we got there we drank tea and chewed the fat about this and that and then we cycled home.

Generally, then, a pretty uninspiring weekend's cycling, but I plan to make up for that next week. I might even go out first thing tomorrow morning ('Botley before work? What a burk!') but I'm not sure yet. Knowing me I'll get up too late and simply not go. Perhaps a 'woodland trek?' Maybe.

The weather was a little suspect this morning, but it didn't rain and while it was a little cool (for tee-shirts), it's quite warm out now (it's 1450hrs on Sunday 8th August) and it's quite pleasant. There are woolly white clouds and blue skies, no wind – and all is still and dry.

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  1. I avoid rain. Here it turns the trails into slush which acts like a liquid sandpaper and grinds all my gears, chain and brakes to powder.

    Anyway, my bike is at the shop getting a major service and a new front caliper, so no riding for me either