Sunday, 1 August 2010

Mayor Boris Johnson's solution to London traffic – bikes!

Bikes for hire – and they're not cheap. In fact, it's really dangerous cycling
in London. Best, in fact, to get the tube or walk, as I was doing when I spotted
these bikes.


  1. Similar to the Veleb bike in Paris? We have thenm in Melbourne too, but you have to wear a helmet etc etc and this can make them less spontaneous to use!

  2. It's a good idea but London traffic is very dangerous. I used to cycle from Sutton (12 miles out of central London) into Camden in North London and it was a nightmare ride.

  3. I can imagine. Riding on the roads here is a nightmare too. driveers have little regard for bikers. I recall London trsffic was pretty "solid"

  4. Yes, and it can't do you any good either. I remember having one of those face masks, but I think that was the fad of the time, masks or those bandido face scarves. Either way I looked a right nonce. I was riding the Marin Bear Valley SE at the time, nice bike.