Sunday, 1 August 2010

To Westerham – for a soaking!

Hard to believe, considering the amazing weather we've been having over here in the UK, that there was the risk of a soaking. In truth, of course, it was more than just a risk – it was a reality.

Reaching the top of the hill out of Westerham in the rain, Saturday 31 July 2010.
Fortunately, it was warm, so it didn't really matter and the rain didn't arrive until we embarked upon our return trip. There was a fine drizzle, but it went on and on and on; it was a bit like being sprayed by one of those nozzled water containers used to spray delicate plants. Not that Andy and I would describe ourselves as delicate flowers – unless we'd had a few the night before, but then I'd describe a hangover as 'feeling a bit rough', not delicate.

The rain did make it a little depressing, though, prompting Andy to claim that the summer was over. Well, yes and no. Later the weather picked up and it was quite pleasant, always warm and now, as I write this on a Sunday evening, there are clouds, but it's still quite warm.

Going to Westerham again was good, even if we did get a little wet. Andy decided to buy a Danish pastry instead of eating his cereal bar (so I ate his too!) and we sat there drinking tea and chatting about nothing in particular.

Going down Clark's Lane towards Westerham there are signs reading 'Café' – but there's no café. Andy reckons the caff in question is in Tatsfield village, which would be interesting, as only a few posts back I explained how the reason why we tend not to go into the village was because it lacks a caff and shelter from the weather* – that's why we go no further than the Tatsfield Bus Stop at the junction with Clarks Lane and Approach Road. Next week, I think that we'll have to take a trek into Tatsfield to find out more about the elusive café.

Didn't go on Sunday and there was no sign of Jon again this week either.

* There is shelter in Tatsfield village under a wooden bus stop similar to the one mentioned above at the junction with Clarks Lane and Approach Road.

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