Monday, 26 July 2010

More archive footage...

Me pulling a silly face outside the convenience store in
Westerham, Kent, in December 2006. This pic was taken
on a mobile phone and sent to Andy who was away for the
weekend – proof that I'd gone cycling.
I found some archive footage of our cycles on one of my really old Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Here's what I found. This shot was taken early in the morning – and it was still dark, note how the lights on the shop's fascia are still on. I didn't hang around after this shot was taken and, while I can't recall the time, I did a pretty fast time to Westerham and back that morning.

My Kona Scrap, Boxing Day 2006.

Boxing Day 2006 and here's my Kona Scrap with its original saddle in place. The bike was bought new in May 2006 but, as you can see from the shot, I had already gotten rid of the Tioga tyres that came with it new. Why? Because I thought they were responsible for the many punctures I was getting.

Just past the Botley Hill pub.

This shot was taken just past the Botley Hill pub (you can just make out the pub sign on the left of the road. Why I stopped to take this shot, I don't know, but there you have it.

A trendy shot of my Kona Scrap taken after I'd replaced the original saddle with the Spongy Wonder. This shot taken at Warlingham Green in July 2008.

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