Monday, 26 July 2010

Images from the weekend's cycling...

Longford Lake at Chipstead Village in Kent. We were here on Saturday morning enjoying our tea and cereal bars. As avid readers will know, there's a nice pub in front of the lake called the Bricklayers Arms.

Here's a shot of Andy and I halfway along the hill coming up from Westerham, Kent. Not bad for using the self-timer!

Andy arriving at Warlingham Green at 7am in the morning on, I think, Sunday. We've changed to meeting at 7am while the sun is shining and the days are long.

In tribute to a shot taken by Andy back in November 2006, we thought we'd take an almost identical shot in 2010. Back in 2006, Andy took a shot of my Kona (scroll down for the shot in a previous post). This picture shows the same Surrey Hills totem pole with mine and Andy's bike resting on it. We are roughly half a mile from the Tatsfield Bus Stop.

Andy and I on the bench in Westerham, a retro destination if ever there was one. This shot was taken on Sunday using the faithful self-timer on my Lumix camera. Shortly after this shot was taken, we headed off home up the hill towards the Tatsfield Bus Stop where, incidentally, we saw two other cyclists. We hadn't seen anybody else use 'our bus stop' before but now there were others using it – and they looked a bit rough and ready to be honest. One was asleep in a camouflage sleeping bag and the other one looked a little unshaven. We didn't stop to say hello.

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