Sunday, 9 May 2010

May 9th 2010 – treading new ground

The route to Tandridge down Jackass Lane is yielding new routes for NoVisibleLycra and today was the best so far. I'd checked out the map and found off-road tracks linking Tandridge with Godstone so Andy and I set off to find them. While rain threatened, we avoided a soaking, much to Andy's annoyance as his Endura Hummvee cycling kit had arrived and he wanted to see if it was waterproof. I offered to throw some pond water over him when we reached Godstone Green, but for some reason he declined the offer.

How to explain this excellent cycle? Well, quite simply, we reached Tandridge we rode down the hill, past the pub, re-traced our steps, found a footpath, followed it and found ourselves in the middle of rolling hills and ploughed fields. Totally amazing! We stayed off-road all the way to Godstone Green where we sipped tea, munched on cereal bars and watched the ducks.

I can only assume that Andy did get the chance to try out his waterproof gear as it started to rain towards the end of my ride, although often I have noticed that when it's raining where I live, it's dry over Caterham way so he might still be none the wiser as to the effectiveness of his new clobber.

Blogger, by the way, is a bit annoying. Sometimes it enables me to write picture captions, other times not. This is one of those 'other times' so to explain, the top shot is the off-road path from Tandridge and the other shot, the one with the bluebells, is the same track but further along the route. 

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