Sunday, 9 May 2010

May 8th 2010 – Merstham the long way (avoiding a soaking)

A copy of the Sun in Hunger's End, Merstham, Surrey.
Amazing! We didn't get that wet! After last week's soaking – and judging by the skies overhead – I thought I would be coming home in shiny wet trousers, but no! Okay, I was a little wet, but this was definitely a  result.

Andy and I met at Warlingham Green as usual and, as we pootled along we discussed the hung parliament and the fact that, even now, as I write this at any rate, nothing has been resolved. Will the Lib Dems go in with the Tories? Let's hope not. Why would they? I mean the two parties are not only ideologically opposed, they positively hate one another (like Manchester United and Liverpool).

Anyway, it's getting boring so I'll say no more – although when we reached the caff, Jon and Andy carried on the conversation. Perhaps we'll hear something today, who knows? Perhaps the country will lurch towards anarchy? Fine, as long as it doesn't affect our weekend cycling.

I guess the phrase 'fine drizzle' would sum it up; all the way there was a fine drizzle, which at times got a little heavier but overall it wasn't unpleasant. We stayed on the tarmac at the end of Church Road instead of the off-road bit under the motorway (I figured it would be too wet and muddy) and met Jon halfway up Rockshaw Road.

For some reason I was feeling extremely energetic. It might have been the porridge for breakfast or a good night's sleep, although I woke up around 2am and then fell asleep again. The next thing I knew it was 6am and time to get out of bed for the cycling.

Picture shows an interior shot of Hunger's End in Merstham. The drizzly weather meant that we couldn't sit in our usual seat outside. There was no sign of shaving man either. Note copy of the Sun claiming that Gordon Brown is squatting in Number 10 Downing Street. Obviously, the right wing tabloid knows nothing about politics.

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