Sunday, 3 January 2010

3rd January – yes, Woodmansterne Green again!

A frozen leaf on Woodmansterne Green.

It was warmer at 6am this morning than it was two hours later. When I went out to retrieve my mobile phone from the car there was no frost on the windscreen of my car, but by just gone 0730hrs, the windscreen was completely iced up.

Outside there was still a full moon in a grey sky, everything seemed covered in ice and soon my feet were freezing cold. Andy overslept and Jon had a bet to make: he reckons that the distance from Woodmansterne Green to Boxhill is no more than five miles longer than Woodmansterne to Redhill. A fiver rests on this one. I bet that Boxhill is well over five miles longer than Redhill, based on the knowledge that travelling to Redhill and back from my house in South Croydon is a 28-mile round trip and I normally get home at a reasonable hour. Conversely, Boxhill (as this blog testifies) takes the whole morning and hovers between 35 and 40 miles in round trip terms.

Thought for the day: Why does the UK establishment reward failure? And why was Bruce Forsyth missed off the New Year Honours list? Let's start with rewarding failure. Arguably one of the biggest failures of late was the police shooting dead an innocent Brazilian on the tube at Stockwell. Who was in charge of the operation? Why, the aptly named Cressida Dick! And who was awarded the Queen's Medal? You got it! Cressida DICK!!!!

As for Brucie, well, he's what, 81? He might not be around next year so why wasn't he honoured?

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