Sunday, 3 January 2010

2nd January 2010 – positively balmy!

Here's my bike resting against a pub sign adjacent to the Tatsfield bus stop. It might look sunny, but it was bloody freezing cold.

The phrase 'brass monkey' springs to mind, although that word 'springs' is totally out of place. It was freezing cold on both 2nd and 3rd of January and our first cycles of the new year.

On the 2nd, Andy and I cycled to the Tatsfield bus stop. Going downhill was agonising for face and ears and I wished for my balaclava, which I couldn't find in the house. Our feet froze too. Thank the Lord for gloves!

At the bus stop, Andy referred to the weather as 'positively balmy' as the sun rose its head from behind a nearby hedgerow, but then again he might have been talking about our general state of mental health. Who in their right mind would venture out in weather this cold?

There was a full moon in a grey sky and frozen muddy puddles that cracked underneath our tyres like creme brulées but when we reached the bus stop all was fine with the world and we sat there discussing the greatness of the Christmas Top Gear special in Bolivia. Shame they fixed so many things: like the Toyota Land Cruiser rolling off and crashing at the end, making the Land Rover, 'the most unreliable car in the world', the most reliable car in the world. Hmmmm...and let's not forget there were cameramen out in the forest with them, prompting the question, 'how did they get around?' Still, all that aside, it was easily the best programme on the box over Christmas along with James May's attempt at running a 00 gauge railway from, where, Barnstaple to Bideford if I can remember correctly.

On the way home I stopped off at Warlingham Green's Village Café for a mug of tea and two slices of toast and then, on reaching home, a hot bath. Perfect!

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