Friday, 21 April 2017

Around the world on a bike...

Camping in Bolivia. Pic: BBC.
It's taken him seven years, but this Saturday (today) Leigh Timmis returns home to Derby after riding around the world on a bike. What a guy! He's a keen diarist, according to the BBC, which means there might well be a book involved. If so, I can't wait.

As always, when somebody sets off around the world or around the UK or wherever, they return home with their faith renewed in human nature. Timmis was no exception. His bike, Dolly, was not stolen. "People see it's my whole life and they have respect for this. There is an element of trust in the world," he told the BBC's Laura Lee who writes, 'He [Timmis] says this simple living and the kindness of strangers saw his values change.'

What can I say other than this is a piece of good and inspiring news. Hats off to Leigh Timmis.

To read more about Leigh Timmis' adventure, click here.

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