Sunday, 3 July 2016

Sore throat means no cycling this weekend...

Friday I noticed I had a slight sore throat. Saturday morning it was a little more pronounced and I wasn't feeling good. In fact I cancelled a ride I'd been planning with Phil to Westerham. During Saturday a Lemsip made things bearable and then, on Sunday, I had to abort a second ride. Phil's stag night, what a great occasion: a few beers and a curry, nothing over-the-top, but I wasn't feeling good and by the time I got home around 0100hrs or thereabouts, I hit the sack with a runny nose and that aforementioned sore throat. I sent an abort text to Andy prior to going to bed and now, here I am, at 1009hrs, Lemsipped up and feeling a little better. There was no way I could have riden anywhere this weekend and I really can't wait until next week when hopefully I'll have shaken off this awful cold and sore throat. It's early July, the weather in the UK has been appalling and, what's worst, we've left the EU, although as it sinks in I'll admit that while still a little angry, I'm coming round to the reality of the situation.
Robertsons Coffee Shop, Oxted, Surrey.

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