Monday, 30 May 2016

May Bank Holiday – more Monday ramblings...

The weather took a downward turn today when compared with the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend. It would be fair to say that Saturday was, by far, the best day, then Sunday and then today.

The skies were grey today and there was a definite breeze. The cow parsley and the hawthorn along the 269 were suitably ruffled and it wasn't a particularly warm day. I wore gloves and had my coat buttoned up and, as we headed for Westerham, things didn't get any better on the weather front.

Yours truly in Westerham
On reaching our destination, we found a wooden chair and table, probably owned by the Grasshopper pub, and set up camp on the green. I say 'camp', we merely took out a flask of hot water, teabags, cups and milk and made tea. Andy produced chocolate chip Belvita biscuits and we then engaged in small talk, mainly about the fact that my bike was 10 years old, we'd been cycling regularly for 10 years next year and all was good with the world – our world, that is. We talked about servicing my bike and whether it's best to get a gear and brake service and call it a day OR get a bike 'rebuild', which all bike shops seem to offer at varying prices.

Andy's pint and bacon sarnie...
Andy had some time to kill this morning and was planning to head for the lakes. I had things to do at home (more gardening) so I couldn't join him. We both headed towards Pilgrims Lane where we parted company. I carried on up the hill while Andy headed east towards Chipstead village in Kent, home of Longford Lake and the Bricklayers Arms, a Harvey's of Lewes pub where he later enjoyed a pint and a bacon sandwich.

Westerham has been firmly back on the agenda of late. This weekend we covered 44 miles with two consecutive rides to the northern Kent market town, home of Winston Churchill.

As I headed north along the Limpsfield Road it tried to rain, but I managed to get home without a soaking and then got on with the rest of my day. Andy later reported that he enjoyed a pint and a bacon sandwich at the Bricklayers.

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