Wednesday, 2 March 2016

And another thing that annoys me!

 The Archers on Radio Four. I don't like it and, for that reason alone, I never want to listen to it. I find it boring and, dare I say, mildly irritating. The annoying thing about it is this: whenever I have to nip out in the car somewhere OR whenever I think, 'I know, I'll listen to the radio', it's ALWAYS either on or about to start. "But now let's go over to Ambridge and see what's afoot in the Archers..." one of  Radio Four's announcers will say and soon, that well-known theme tune will play and I'll be compelled to quickly switch channels or turn off the radio altogether. This happens a lot. It's a bit like when you drop a piece of buttered toast on the floor and it lands butter side down or if you switch on a commercial radio or television channel and the ads are on.

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