Friday, 1 January 2016

In praise of the Tatsfield Bus Stop

In his latest book, The Road to Little Dribbling, Bill Bryson writes: "Bus shelters used to be like little cottages, with pitched roofs and built-in wooden benches. Now they are just wind tunnels with advertisements."

Later, he writes: "In countless small ways the world around us grows gradually shittier."

He has a point.

And while I often moan about the Tatsfield Bus Stop (on the junction with Approach Road and Clarks Lane just outside of Tatsfield Village) my moaning is not about the bus stop itself, which is in keeping with Bryson's ideal style of bus shelter, but the fact that we don't go anywhere else these days.

The much loved Tatsfield Bus Stop and my Kona mountain bike
The great thing about the Tatsfield Bus Stop is that it is made of wood, has a built-in bench, a gabled roof and is an ideal place to shelter from the rain or snow.

We are a little crazy to cycle eight miles just to stop and drink tea at the Tatsfield Bus Stop, but when all is said and done, it's a great place to be especially with a flask of hot water, a few Twining's English Breakfast tea bags and half a dozen Belvita biscuits. Throw in a newspaper and a decent transistor radio and you'd be very close to my idea of heaven.

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• While a New Year's Day ride was suggested by Phil, after a late night such an escapade has proved completely off the scale for yours truly. I have a mild headache – brought about more by a late night than excessive alcohol – and I could do with a good walk. Weather permitting, I'll be out tomorrow (Saturday 2nd January).

Happy New Year to all who might stumble across my blog.

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