Sunday, 13 December 2015

I won't even say where we went...

Saturday 12 December: Mild weather. Still weather. No wind. No Phil. The streetlights were still on, but the day was slowly dawning as I rode along Ellenbridge, aware of a distinct lack of external festive decorations in the street. Just one house.

It's quite a hill from my place to the top of Church Way, but I've been riding it for years and it's not really a problem anymore, even if it does get a little tough at the top before crossing the main road and entering the churchyard on the other side. I took it in my stride as always as getting off the bike within 15 minutes of mounting it would have been tantamount to, well, laziness.

Saturday morning at Warlingham Green
At the green there was no sign of Andy so I parked up and set about taking snaps of the continuing 'works' being carried out by the local council (new paving I think). In last week's post I forgot to mention Warlingham Green's Christmas tree. As always, it's a little understated, but probably a darn sight better than Tatsfield's. Not that I've seen this year's village offering.

Andy was running late and I started to wonder whether he would turn up. With this thought in mind I considered riding alone to Botley Hill or the Tatsfield Bus Stop or retracing my steps along the Limpsfield Road, cutting through to Purley and following Foxley Lane to mum's house.

I decided to ride towards Botley Hill and was almost ready to set off when Andy arrived. His alarm hadn't gone off, but we had only lost around 15 minutes so it really didn't matter.

We rode to the Tatsfield Bus Stop, our destination, and on arrival broke out the tea and BelVita biscuits. For the next 20 minutes or so we simply passed the time of day until we were ready to head home again.

The ride was good both ways and so was the weather. I reached home around 0930hrs having waved goodbye to Andy at Sline's Oak Road.

At the Tatsfield Bus Stop, Saturday 12 December 2015
The rest of the day was spent looking for a real Christmas tree, a most unrewarding experience involving two garden centres and a DIY superstore. Not the best of days, it has to be said, and it was followed by a sleepless night, which led to an abort text at around 0500hrs on Sunday morning – although, had we gone out, we would have met with a soaking. Phil also aborted, citing decorating as the chief reason behind his absence. Right now (at 1432hrs on Sunday afternoon) it's fairly pleasant and it's certainly not cold.

I drove over to mum's to pick up the annual festive hamper she makes for us all and to indulge in some tea and fruit cake. After lunch I drove over to Andy's house to hand over a Christmas cake mum has made for him. Andy went out for a local ride, leaving the house at 0700hrs and getting back before the rain.

My next ride is on Boxing Day – possibly to Woodmansterne Green – so it was a bit of shame to miss a ride on Sunday morning. Still, that's what happens now and then and I'm not complaining.

Showbiz news
Anita Rani left Strictly Come Dancing. She'd made it all the way to the semi-finals and lost out in the dance-off to Kate Derham who, along with Anton du Beke, will be a part of next weekend's final.

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