Sunday, 29 November 2015

Round to mum's alone and then... the Tatsfield Bus Stop!

I thought that showers and heavy winds might rule out any cycling this weekend, but when I woke up on Saturday morning I was amazed when I peered outside and found dry roads and stillness. As daylight slowly dawned, I realised that a ride was not out of the question and decided to cycle over to Carshalton to see mum.
Purley Recreation Ground at just gone 0800hrs on Saturday.
I left later than usual, but before 0800hrs, and while it was a little on the chilly side, there was no frost to be found on car windscreens and after a few minutes in the saddle I warmed up. My route was the usual one: down West Hill, left into Essenden, right on to Carlton Road, left on to the Upper Selsdon Road, left into Jarvis, across the Brighton Road, up Hayling Park Road (the only major hill) and then across the A23, through the industrial estate, on to the Stafford Road, through Wallington, into Carshalton and over to mum's place.

Breakfast followed: bread, boiled egg and fingers and tea and then, after a chat with mum it was time to head back, following roughly the same route but in reverse. I was home before 1000hrs.

Sunday morning, Warlingham Green – we were 10 minutes late
Sunday was surely going to be rained off, but no, while there were heavy winds, there was (initially) no rain, but ultimately the heavens opened as we – Phil, Andy and myself – headed for the Tatsfield Bus Stop. My lack of front and rear mudguards meant a wet arse, but when we reached our destination we munched on bakery items, provided by Phil, and Andy's BelVita biscuits, not forgetting tea provided by both yours truly and Phil. Miraculously, the rain cleared up and we rode home in relative comfort, bidding farewell to Andy half way along the 269.

We will all be back in the saddle next weekend, weather permitting.

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