Sunday, 5 July 2015

Double puncture means no cycling on Saturday... and an abort from me on Sunday (but Andy rides out on both days)

Andy's Kona Blast in the woods. This shot
from his ride on Saturday
On Saturday morning the weather was glorious from the word go. I was up with the lark and raring to go, but it was not to be; I was running a little late and then, when I reached the garage, I noticed that my bike was sporting front and rear punctures. I couldn't believe it, but quickly phoned Andy to say I'd better abort. I then spent the early morning hours sitting in the garden reading Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Yes, I'm still reading it but I'm now on page 1000 so I'm nearly finished. I sat in the sun until just gone 0930hrs and then, after a fashion, I fixed my two punctures. One required a new inner tube so I walked to Cycle King and bought one.
My Kona Scrap

After a late night on Saturday I couldn't face a ride so I aborted around 0600hrs. Not going cycling was a bad idea, but there was simply no way. I always feel terrible about not going for a ride and this weekend was no exception. Sunday was spent lazing around and then going for a pointless drive into the country and now it's Sunday evening, it's almost 10 o'clock and I should be making tracks to hit the sack.

The weather's been a bit changeable: rain in the morning and I think thunder overnight, although that might have been Friday night, I can't remember. But most of Sunday was very pleasant. I think we'd have escaped a soaking this morning had we gone out and yesterday would have been an amazing ride had my bike not had two punctures.

I haven't heard from Andy, but I assume he got out. I know he said something about doing a local ride on Saturday morning, but whether he went out this morning, I'm not sure.

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