Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What to do on my last day in Rio?

On Copacabana Beach this morning...25 degrees at 0830.
I've been thinking about taking a trip and there's a lot of stuff available according to the concierge. He's given me a sheet of paper detailing all the trips available and the problem with some of them is that I just don't have the time. There's a number of trips marked as 'Rio by boat' and this includes Angra dos Reis – a full day tour to the 'beautiful islands of the Angra Bay, stops for swimming in transparent clear waters. Lunch included.' Sounds good, but it lasts for 13 hours meaning that I'd probably just get back in time to catch my flight. Actually, it's not a bad call. It leaves the hotel at 0715hrs, so add 13 to that and that's 2015hrs. I take off around 2200hrs...hmmm. it's possible but if there are problems I might miss the flight so perhaps not.

Then there's Rio by Boat. A boat ride into the Guanabara Bay and part of Copacabana Bay (that's where I'm located). This is only five hours from 0810hrs, meaning I'd get back around 1pm. That's definitely possible. I'll steer clear of the jet ski ride (too dangerous and too expensive), the Rio boat club trip involves dancing (not my scene at all and besides it's only on Monday and Saturday) and then there's a private speed boat ride that takes four hours but it's a little pricey for my budget and besides, I'm warming to another day like Monday just hanging around on the beach, having a swim and then lounging by the pool reading Ayn Rand.

A statue of a musician on the beach...
 The land-based trips are all relatively short. There's a trip to Corcovado to see Christ the Redeemer, another trip to Sugarloaf mountain, this is what I've seriously been considering, and then there's a combined trip to Sugarloaf and to Corcovado. Lastly a trip to Petropolis – the Imperial City and billed as a 'nice place to visit' as it 'fascinates the visitors due to its historical treasures'.

There are a couple of daily jeep tours to the Tijuca Forest (three hours) and Santa Teresa and downtown, the latter being an exploration of cobbled streets and the neighbourhood's 'unique architectural styles' and the stunning views of the city. The Tijuca Forest is the biggest urban forest in the world and one of the last remnants of Atlantic rain forest.

It all sounds interesting and I'm sorely tempted to check out Sugarloaf mountain as it's only four hours from 0810hrs, meaning I'll be back in time for my flight. But equally, Rio by boat sounds good and failing that the only option is purely to take life a little easy, get some work done, perhaps have a swim in the sea like on Monday and then chill by the pool. One might argue that, having flown all this way to the other side of the world, I should really do something like visit Sugarloaf mountain, visit Tijuca Forest or Santa Teresa and downtown. It would be a sin to do nothing as who knows when I'll be back here again, possibly never. I've already chilled on the beach and by the pool.

Hopefully I'll get another swim in tomorrow morning
Apparently if you visit the statue of Christ the Redeemer you're supposed to make a wish and it's likely to come true, I'm told. I've got many wishes so perhaps if just one of them becomes true, things will be alright. I think I've made up my mind...but then again, I'm not sure. Everybody goes to Corcovado but I wonder how many visit the Tijuca Forest or Santa Teresa? I've not got long to decide and, let's face it, just hanging around on the beach might be a good thing too. I could hire a bike, ride around the bay, then take a dip, have lunch...but because my flight is at the ridiculous time of 2255hrs I could probably do everything...although I'll need a late check-out. Now there's something I didn't think about when I was booking this trip. I can't do anything about that, however, until tomorrow morning...after breakfast, of course.

Another shot of Copacabana Beach...and why not?

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