Sunday, 27 July 2014

To the Tatsfield Churchyard....looking like a right nork

Foolishly I didn't ride out on Saturday, despite the amazing weather, but Sunday Andy and I headed for the Tatsfield Churchyard. Mind you, I was looking like a right gaylord. Check out that disgusting tee-shirt (courtesy of Nestlé Foodservice and years old), and what about those God awful shorts? Add the crash helmet and, well, I look like a right nork. The worst thing is I spent the weekend in those shorts. Alright, I changed the tee-shirt and the socks, but bloody hell, what was I thinking?

Matt and Andy at Tatsfield churchyard
We rode the fast way to the churchyard and later than usual. Nothing untoward happened and I reached  home at 0950hrs.

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