Sunday, 16 March 2014

No cycling for Matt this week, but Andy got out on Saturday...

... and the reason behind my failure to get out of bed at the crack of dawn? A lack of sleep brought on by eating later than planned and drinking two or three glasses of wine. So I lazed about. But also, I've got a busy week ahead so I thought I'd take it easy. Andy's not going today, but he went yesterday and the annoying thing is the weather: it's been fantastic! Blue skies out there now (0926hrs on Sunday morning) and it was the same yesterday. As Andy might say, 'positively balmy', but the only balmy thing about it is I stewed in bed until around 0800hrs yesterday and didn't bother going out. Today I was up with the lark but figured there was too much to do this morning to warrant going out, although I probably could have squeezed in a short one to Warlingham Green and back. Still, there's next weekend when I plan to rise early, meet Andy at the Green at 0700hrs and head off for Westerham – on both Saturday and Sunday.

Andy headed out to the Tatsfield Bus Stop via Kenley and Warlingham Green.

Town and country – Andy's new racer and his Kona Blast mountain bike.

...but clearly, he chose to ride out on the racer, the Lycra Monkey!

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