Monday, 2 December 2013

No cycling this weekend...

By that, of course, I mean last weekend (November 30th to December 1st). Andy and Phil couldn't make Saturday and then on Sunday, minutes prior to leaving the house, albeit reluctantly, I received a text from Andy saying he'd had a broken night and wouldn't make it. Fair enough and, as I say, I was quite relieved. But it's not good news. I should have forced myself to go out, even on a short one to Warlingham Green and back, but I didn't. I slobbed around instead and when Andy texted me last night asking if I'd gone out, the answer was a shameful no along with a 'but I'll definitely be there next week'. We'll see.

This random photograph was taken by yours truly in the Birmingham area.
The weather is closing in, it's getting colder and Christmas is around the corner. Traditionally this is a time of year when the cycling slows down a little, but we should be getting out there and hopefully this week we'll be on the Green at Warlingham and ready to rock.

Westerham has already been suggested for Sunday and we might well be in Tatsfield Village or, indeed, our famous Tatsfield Bus Stop on Saturday morning.

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