Sunday, 23 June 2013

Late night aborts ride...

Where cycling was concerned, it was a terrible weekend. Saturday was understandable, but Sunday was a great day (in the morning at least) and I should have gone out. Instead, due to a late night, I had to abort and sent out texts to Andy and Phil around 0130hrs in the morning.

I awoke at 8am instead of 6am and did very little all day, apart from make a roast lamb dinner, which was alright. I'm not a great lover of red meat, it has to be said.

Looking out now, it's overcast and, judging by the trees, a little breezy. I'm considering riding to work, but in all honesty, I'm not sure I can handle the hassle: get to the office, padlock the bike, walk to the leisure centre, have a shower, walk back to the office...

There's still half an hour to decide meaning that, in 30 minutes, I'll need to have a shirt pressed, a pair of trousers put into a plastic bag, I'll need soap for the shower....oh, just get the train!

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