Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snow stops ride (again)

For most of Saturday there was snow. It started early, like a fine drizzle, but within minutes the flakes grew larger and it started to lay on the ground. The ride was well and truly off and the day proved to be cold and unpleasant, even if, eventually, the snow did thaw leaving that strange contrast of black road and white lawns.

Today, Sunday, is a similar story. No snow at first, just the odd flake, but now, as I look out of the conservatory window, there's more of it and it's coming down fairly steadily. The ride has been aborted, which is not good and, let's be honest, we could have gone out, but we know how unpleasant and cold it is having been caught in the snow before. I remember that great pre-blog occasion back in April 2008 when were out near Botley in the snow. At first it was a novelty of sorts, being out in the snow, but soon the cold set in, especially on the ride back, with the cold wind in our faces. Not nice. Today the experience would be similar, so we didn't bother.

What's in the news, then? Well, Cyprus is having a few problems in the banking department and everybody else is getting a little fidgety about it, ie, perhaps if the Cypriot government can take its citizens' money, so can others. I think if they tried it here there would be a revolution, although, having said that, there probably wouldn't be; that's what really annoys me about this country: we just accept things, we 'plod on' when we should be fighting back. I feel like a revolution is needed in the UK, but it'll never happen, sadly, as we're all too accepting of our leaders, we let them get away with murder.

I'm just hearing on the news that in Cyprus, there are queues at cashpoints, but I thought the banks had all shut up shop, in which case, wouldn't the cashpoint simply say 'refer to bank'? Why the queue?

A Russian oligarch, whose name escapes me, has been found dead in his house in Surrey. Naturally, the press wants it to be some shady, polonium-based murder, but it seems as if he's just died.

Everything is boring so I'm going to sign off.

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